We understand the exact attention that each specific part of your home needs and we have the tools for it. Including all carpet tools and cleaners, chemical cleaner for tiles,and a major supply of window tools and supplies for every type of window. Our team ethics may differ from similar businesses by our understanding that the need for special care of your home is important,  our individual approach  leads to  the personal satisfaction to each customer.

Carpet steam Cleaning


Our high grade custom quality equipment will completely remove all bacteria, grime, grout, any stains from food or wine from your carpet. Even long lasting stains that have been there for years. Your traffic areas around bed or in your hallway bother your life, your stairs look way older then rest of your carpet?  Call us!


  • ​Common stains removal (gums,red wine, blood,food, lipstick, traffic lines,) 

  • Pet odor removal

  • Water damage

  • Area rugs cleaning

  • Tiles cleaning ( all types of tiles)

  • Upholstery steam cleaning

  • Sofas, chairs, mattress....

  • Car interior

Window Cleaning


With us its not only about the glass, only when you have a clean track and screen, is your window washing complete. With professional brushes, a DI (filtered) water system, and three story experience we can clean each type of window. Do you have a glass fence in your back yard or mirror sliding door? Let us clean them as well.

  • All type windows

  • Calcium removal 

  • Glass windbreakers 

  • Glass fence

  • Mirrors 

  • Screen replacement (mash, frames)

Power washing


Are the outside areas of our house dirty? Is your sidewalk is full of dirt or mud? Does your drive way have different color then before? Is your roof or storm drains dirty ? garden stones are dirty. We are able to fix all that and above Just contact us, we will be more than happy to find right solution for you! A team with the right dedication proper education and skill, cleanse should be quite amazing to watch. Plus our professional equipment we can pressure wash the scummy and grimy outdoor parts of your house.Our cleaning hoses have a reach of more than 24' and pressure to 4000 psi and are immediately washed after every use so they preform to maximum potential.

  • driveway power washing

  • roof washing

  • sidewalks 

  • garden stones


Tile steam Cleaning


Grout is the material that holds the tiles in place between each,  is usually black or brown, due to dirt mostly. You cant just scrub grime away you need professional tools that are able to get into every texture of the materials. If you have not ever had a professional tile steam cleaning your tiles can be  discolored. Our professional tile care treatment is able to reach into the places house held tools cant.



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